Flyer distribution in Leuven

With our innovative tools and comprehensive planning, Oppizi will make sure your flyer campaign is executed perfectly no matter where in Leuven it needs to go. This way, you’re guaranteed to make a lasting impression on potential clients, one that they’ll remember.

We offer flexible distribution options, including hand-to-hand, door-to-door delivery, letterbox drops, and targeted distribution to specific areas or demographics.

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Why choose us

End to end flyering solutions


Utilize our advanced flyer builder tool to produce professional-looking flyers without the extortionate cost!


We’ll organize the printing of your flyers, so you can trust that they will be high-quality.


Our friendly brand ambassadors will deliver your flyers to audiences.

100% Transparent 100% Transparent
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Why Oppizi flyer delivery service?

At Oppizi, we pride ourselves on our transparency. We want you to know exactly how our flyer distribution service works and why it’s the most effective way to grow your business. Our cutting-edge technology allows brands to calculate the success of their offline marketing strategy so they can see where it will be most impactful. With Oppizi, you can rest assured that your marketing dollars are working hard for you – and growing your business quickly and effectively.

We only create content of the highest quality, which is why we do in-depth research before starting on anything new. By trusting us with your project from beginning to end, you can relax knowing that you’ll be happy with the final product – whether it’s a stack of flyers or something else entirely.

At Oppizi, we understand that businesses need to promote their brand both online and offline. We offer flyer distribution services in Leuven so that potential customers are aware of your company! We specialize in both digital and offline marketing solutions and are always up-to-date with changes and strategies so you can make the most out of opportunities.

How important is flyer distribution for your business?

Flyer distribution is an effective marketing strategy that can reach a large audience and typically has a high return on investment. This makes it useful for brands, non-profits, and politicians who want to get their message out there.

A professional flyer distribution company helps you expand your customer base by connecting with new demographics and increasing your reach. This will help ensure that you hit all of your business goals, thus leading to more success.

Businesses can successfully advertise on a tight budget through flyer distribution. Taking the time to understand your target audience, what you hope to achieve, and how much money is available for spending will help ensure you create an effective campaign that reaches your desired outcome.

Seamless process to distribute flyers in Leuven


When you want to distribute flyers, contact us to book a call – or we’ll reach out within 24 hours!


We’ll have an in-depth consultation with you to create a detailed proposal for your campaign.

Campaign planning

We’ll work with you to determine your target audience and where to distribute your flyers.

Campaign Execution

We’ll deliver your flyers to your target demographics using the best distribution channels.

Tracking & Optimization

You can keep track of your campaign and ensure it’s running smoothly through our real-time dashboard.


Our 14+ preset KPIs will help you identify areas of improvement and optimize your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Oppizi offers end to end flyer distribution service. This includes design, printing, campaign planning and delivery to the right audience segment.
It’s our vetted brand ambassadors who distribute your flyers. You can track their movements within the distribution area and get real-time updates about the number of flyers distributed.
Of course, we will send you a complete report with the details about the specific metrics that can help you track your ROAS.
Yes. We will provide you access to a dedicated dashboard that displays GPS tracking, the number of flyers distributed, check-in times, etc.
Yes. We can work with your team and enable the API integration, which will help you transfer the data to your existing CRM.

Discover the benefits of Oppizi technology

Connect with potential customers across Leuven, with Oppizi. We use technology to help you pinpoint when, where, and how your flyer distribution campaign should run, so you’ll never miss out on reaching the right people.

  • Target your audience with precision.
  • Produce relevant and trackable campaigns.
  • Generate leads across Leuven with ease.